Closing Orders before a Z-Out Reset


Video Script

Closing a till, also known as a ‘Z-out’ or ‘Z-Reset’ can only be done when that till has NO open transactions.

All its open orders must be loaded and closed by either tendering payment, or voiding the sale.

To close your transactions so a reset can be done, first select the ‘Shift’ tab and press ‘Z (reset)’.

On the screen you’ll see a list of tills in use and their current status.

If the till has a status of ‘Ready’ then it is ready to z-out.

But if the till you are trying to reset has open orders, select it, then press the ‘View Open Orders’ button.

All open transactions will be displayed showing the order number, user and tender amount.

Here we see only one, but you may have more, and all will have to be individually loaded and closed.

To load an order, select it, and the transaction will be loaded onto the point of sale.

Close the transaction by taking payment from the customer, or voiding it, which may require a manager’s permission.

Then go back to ‘Z (reset)’ and close all the open orders until the till has a status of ‘Ready’.

Then select the till and press the green ‘Z-out’ button below.

Finally, confirm the Z-out by selecting ‘Yes’.