Return an Item


Video Script

Before making a return, make sure the customer has their receipt. If not, it can reprinted by pressing the ‘Shift’ tab and clicking ‘Reprint Receipt’.

Once ready, press the ‘Return Sale’ button, then find the receipt number on the customer’s receipt.

Enter the receipt number into the ‘line entry’ field, then press the ‘Enter’ button. The receipt’s items will be listed on the point of sale.

Select the item or items that are being returned. They will highlight red, and the total number of items selected will be tallied on the top right of the screen.

Once all the returned items have been selected, press the ‘Return Items’ button.

The returned items will be listed in red. If the customer originally paid with cash and wants cash back, press the ‘Take Cash’ button.

A ‘Take Cash’ screen appears. Pressing the ‘Take Cash’ button will open the cash drawer so you can refund the payment to the customer.

If the customer paid with a credit card, gift card or other tender type, press the ‘Payments’ tab and select the payment type.

Here we’ll demonstrate a credit card return by pressing the ‘Enter Credit Card’ button.

On the Process card screen, swipe the customer’s card, or enter their card number manually, and press the ‘Process Card’ button.

This will refund the customer’s payment and print out a return receipt.