Saving and Loading Orders


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Saving Orders

If you need to save an order, apply the items to the transaction and press the "Save Order" button.

You will be prompted to either enter a name for the order, or you can just press the "Save" button to use the Transaction Number as the name.

The Transaction Number is a sequential number that is automatically assigned to each transaction.

It is recommended that you use a name when saving an order so it is easier to find later on.

Loading Orders

The "Load Order" button will access all your saved transactions.

Please note that you cannot load an order while you are in the middle of another transaction.

A list of orders will appear, with the most recently saved order on the top left.

Each saved order will have an Order ID, the amount currently on the order, and a name which might also match the Order ID.

By default, only orders that were saved by the shift that is currently logged in will appear.

You can also select the "All Users" button on the bottom; this will bring up all currently saved orders.

Select an order to load it.

From there you can add more items, and / or complete the transaction.