Editing and Deleting Items

You may find it necessary from time to time to edit an item’s sales details, or delete an item, once it has already been added to the transaction.

Editing Items

Editing an item’s specific information is done by simply selecting the specific field that needs to be edited with either a mouse or your finger, depending on your device.

The sales details that can be edited on items are outlined below:

  – Quantity
  – Price
  – Taxable/Non-Taxable
  – The Item’s Total

retail pos menu buttons entry

PLEASE NOTE: you may not have permission to edit some of an item’s sales details, such as its price or total.

If so, you will be prompted to enter in a manager’s passcode to proceed.

When the specific item field is selected, it will highlight so you can enter the new information using the numeric keypad – then press the green Enter key.

In the example below we are changing the quantity of Beach Balls from 1 to 2.

retail pos change item count example

Deleting Items

Delete an item by pressing the “X” on the right of its receipt window listing (see below eample).

Note that if the item is being deleted is the only item in the sale, you will be prompted to cancel the entire sale.