Using a Barcode Scanner:

Typically, the fastest way to enter typical retail items is by using a barcode scanner.

If you have one it will either be a hand-held version (the two on the left) or one that is combined into an embedded counter scale

retail pos barcode scanner types

These automatically enter the item scanned into the receipt window when the item’s barcode is held near the scanner’s lasers.


Barcode Manual Entry

Also note that a barcode can be manually entered with the numeric keypad, which may be necessary if the item’s barcode is damaged or the barcode scanner is malfunctioning.

Simply enter the barcode number in to the keypad- you will see it appear in the line item entry field.

When finished with the number, pressing the Enter button on the the keypad will add the item to the sale (see example below).

retail pos manual barcode entry

Additionally, pressing the Clear button will delete any numbers input so you can start over.

Entering multiple quantities of an item with a scanner is very similar to the method using an item button, only substitute the last step of pressing the button with scanning the barcode:

  1. type in the quantity number using the numeric keypad

  2. press the Quantity function button

  3. scan the item’s barcode