Entering items using the menu buttons:

As in the example below, we have pressed the “Toys” button on the far right of the navigation menu and selected the “Beach Ball” item button.

Note the item listing (the grey line) in the receipt window below. It shows:

  – the item number (5002)
  – the quantity (1)
  – the item’s name
  – the item’s price ($3.99)
  – a check mark indicating t
hat the item is taxable
  – the item’s pre-tax total
  – an “X” which, if needed, will delete (void) the item from the the sale.

Also note the Take Cash button on the top right of the screen that shows the purchase’s total, including tax.

retail pos menu buttons entry

If you need to enter a certain number of the same item (for instance, if the customer is buying 5 beach balls) simply:

  1. type in the quantity number (5) using the numeric keypad

  2. press the Quantity function button

  3. press the appropriate item button

pos retail quantity entry

In the example above, note that the Quantity is now set to 5 and the pre-tax total for the beach balls on the right is now 19.95.