Using Item Search to add an item to the transaction:

You may find that a particular item is not listed as a button and it does not have a barcode as well. If this is the case, use item search:

Select the Item Search function button

pos item search

Type into the orange input window any part of the item’s information – full or partial info of either an item name or item number – and press the Search button.

pos item search entry

Here we’ve used the product name of JERSEY, which will bring up all the items in the inventory that have “Jersey” in them.

Supposing that the customer’s item is a Small Black Jersey for $24.99, we’ll select that item from the list.

pos item search selection

Once the item is selected, pressing the Attach to Transaction button will add the item to the selection.

retail point of sale attach item

If you are adding multiple quantities of the item:

  1. type in the quantity number of items that are being purchased using the numeric keypad

  2. press the Quantity function button

  3. find the item using the item search and attach to the transaction.

Searching though ALL your items

If you need to search through entire inventory list to find an item, simply keep the yellow search field blank and select the Search button.

Just keep in mind that it may take several seconds for the POS to load in all the items in your inventory list

pos retail search all items

Once your complete item list is loaded, you can scroll the item window depending on your device:

Touchscreen Devices (Android, POS-X): touch the screen with your finger and, without lifting it off, move it up or down to the edge of the list.

With a mouse (PC, POS-X): left-click in the list window and, without letting go of the mouse button, move it up or down to the edge of the list.

scroll pos retail items list