General Layout

General Layout

Our Point of Sale system features a powerfully simple layout, and it takes only a few minutes to learn the basics. Here is a quick overview:


restaurant pos basics GENERAL LAYOUT menu

On the Left Side:

Tabs- Invoice: where items are input by either pressing a button, scanning their barcode or weighing them on a scale.

Tabs- Payments: where types of payments are chosen.

Tabs- Your Shift: where functions involving your shift are done, such as logging out and re-printing receipts.

Receipt Window: where items bought are listed. You can also edit the item’s sales details such as quantity and price, and delete items.

Navigation Buttons: use these to browse your menu pages, where similar items are grouped.

Item Buttons: pressing these labelled buttons will add the named button to the sale.

On the Right Side:

Take Cash Button: only used if the customer is paying with cash.

Function Keys: these are common functions which will be used on occasion during your shift.

Line Item Entry Field: where any entered number is viewed, whether it is a quantity, price or barcode number.

Numeric Keypad: keypad used for entering a quantity, price or even a barcode number (in case it needs to be entered manually).

The Android Device Menu Bar:

When using AccuPOS on an Android tablet or phone, you will see a row of icons either above or below the AccuPOS program, or in some cases the buttons may be part of the device itself.

The actual look of the icons usually differ from device to device, but they always signify the same functions: Back, Home, Search and Menu

The Android’s Menu button (usually marked by 3 parallel lines) has a direct use with AccuPOS. Pressing this button will bring up a small menu used for setting up the device as well as a few other features. The Back button also works for some functions.

android pos menu button