Logging In and Out of the POS

Logging In

To log in, select the AccuPOS Point of Sale icon on your device’s desktop:

pos desktop icon

This will open the Login Screen where you input in your POS code, a short series of numbers that should have been supplied by your manager.

For security purposes, be sure and not let any customers or unauthorized employees to know your POS code, it is specific to you.

Once you input your code, press the Login button. This brings up the point of sale program’s default screen, which is the Invoice Tab.

restaurant pos basics login screen


Logging Out

NOTE: You may need proper permission to log out of your POS (ask your manager).

Additionally, you must not currently be in the middle of a transaction.

• Select the Shift Tab, then

• Press the Logout button.

restaurant pos basics loggint out

For security purposes, the POS may be set to automatically log out the user after a pre-set time limit (ask your manager).