Entering a Credit Card Number

NOTE: if your POS station has an attached credit card swiper, simply swipe the customer’s credit card after entering the items. The POS system will determine what kind of card it is and print the proper slips so you can finish the sale.

pos credit card swipe

But under certain instances, you may need to enter the customer’s credit card number manually, such as if you don’t have a swiper, or the swiper is malfunctioning, or the magnetic strip on the customer’s card does not work.

To enter the customer’s credit card manually:

Step 1:
After entering the customer’s items, press the Payments Tab, then select the Enter Credit Card Number button.

pos credit card tender type

Step 2:
On the credit card screen enter:

• The Credit Card Number
• The Expiration Date using four digits for Month and Year. For instance, October of 2015 would be 1015.
• The Amount paid

The Amount paid is automatically entered from the sale’s total, but you may need to put in a lower number if the customer is paying with more than one payment type (for instance, if they are paying with cash for part of the purchase).

Step 3:
Then press the Process Card button. The proper signature receipts should print out of the printer(s) so you can complete the transaction.

pos credit card enter number