Tender a Sale with Two (or more) Different Payment Types

AccuPOS has a fast and simple method if customers needs to pay using two or more payment types.

In the below example, we’ll have a check where the total comes to $33.98 and the customer would like to pay with $20.00 on their credit card and pay the rest with cash.

retail split payments

This method can be modified using any of your available payment types.

First enter the customer’s credit card payment:

Step 1:
Swipe the customer’s credit card (or press the Payments tab and select Enter Credit Card Number).

pos retail card swipe

Step 2:
• The customer’s Card Number and Expiration Date and the full amount of the transaction will automatically populate the fields at the top.

• On the credit card screen enter in the Amount field 20

  NOTE: there is no need to put in numbers with decimal points that end in zeroes, such as 40.00

• Then press the Process Card button. The proper signature receipts should print out of the printer for the customer to sign.

pos split retail credit card payment

Step 3:
The screen will return to the Menu tab with the new amount due ($13.98). Press the Take Cash button.

split payment remainder

Simply type in the cash amount that the customer is paying with and select the Take Cash button.

split payment take cash