Brecknell 6712 Scale

Step 1: Connect the display to the scale

A – Adhere the display to the front of the scale and connect its cable to the “Remote Display” jack in the interface in the back.


Step 2: Connect the scale to the POS-X.

B – Connect the RS232 cable to the “RS232” jack in the back of the scale.

C – Connect the other end of the RS232 cable to the serial adapter.

D – Connect the serial adapter to an open COM port in the POS-X connection panel.

      Be sure NOT to connect the adapter to either the COM4 12v port or the LAN port, these are used for other devices!


Step 3: Connect the power

E – Connect the power adapter to the DC power jack in the back of the scale and plug into an available power outlet.


Step 4: Call us

F – Call our tech support at (888) 265-4767, we’ll guide you through the final setup stage.