Magellan 8400 Scanner/Scale

The scanner/scale must fit inside a custom-cut hole in your counter. For specifics on this and more detailed instructions than shown below, download a PDF of the user’s manual.

Step 1: Connect the Scanner/Scale to the POS-X

First, make sure you are using the RS232 cable (shown below in grey) that is labelled 8-0730-04, NOT the 8-0730-05 cable (the 8-0730-05 cable can be set aside for possible future use).

A – Connect the RS232 cable to the “POS Terminal” port underneath the Scanner/Scale.

B – Connect the other end of the RS232 cable to the serial adapter, and make sure to secure them together with the two screw posts.

C – Connect the serial adapter to an available COM port (COM1, COM2 or COM3) underneath the screen of the POS-X.

      Be sure NOT to connect the adapter to either the COM4 12v port or the LAN port, these are used for other devices!


Step 2: Connect the power.

D – Connect the power adapter to the “Power” port underneath the Scanner/Scale.

E – Connect the power adapter to the power cable.

F – Connect the power cable to a power outlet.


Step 3: Download, print and Call

G – Download and Print this 8-page PDF:


     This contains barcodes used in the final setup.

H – Call our tech support at (888) 265-4767, we’ll guide you through the final setup stage