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It’s time to rev up retail.

Get ready to fire on all cylinders with AccuPOS for retail. With full accounting integration and mobile technology, you’ll manage your books, stock, and staff from anywhere on the planet.

Get your Retail Point of Sale started for as little as $795

Use your own hardware, or purchase incredible discounted bundles from us. Advanced software features you’ll love, from 1 store to building your empire.

Welcome to ultimate flexibility

In today’s fast paced retail market, superior technology can make a huge difference on your bottom line. That’s why we put together Retail Point of Sale solutions designed to make sure you lead the trends, not follow them.

manage from anywhere

Manage from anywhere, anytime

With AccuPOS, you don’t have to be chained to your store every minute of every day. With one password, you can access sales data, manage staff rotas, and plan promotions. It’s your store –  Manage it from wherever you’re most productive.

Seamless Stock Management

Seamless Stock Management

Unique integration with Quickbooks & Sage means that you can fully manage your inventory from within you accounting software, while the AccCOUNT software add-on lets you scan in deliveries and manage inventory from a handheld device.


Ready to go on any device

Some other retail POS providers only optimize their software for the specific, expensive hardware they want you to use. We are optimized for PC & Android devices, so you can browse an extensive lineup of durable, affordable hardware and choose what suits you, your business, and your staff best.

AccuPOS is an incredibly powerful tool for accounting, especially when synced with Sage or Quickbooks. Having all the financial data synced and ready to go is a huge time saver for myself and my clients come tax time. Ron Ward,
Bay Area, SF.

Save hours on your books

For most business owners, there aren’t enough hours in a day. What would you do with an extra one? With our top ranked integration, you can start thinking about it.

Put down the calculator

When you work with AccuPOS, it’s all done for you in seconds. Our Point of Sale for retail connects seamlessly with your accounting software, so every detail is sent wirelessly. Instead of wasting valuable hours re-entering data by hand, you can spend them on more important things. We’ve been ranked #1 by the Quickbooks marketplace 7 years in a row. If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s integration with your accounting. Accounting Integration Video
Retail POS Demo Video

Easy to use Retail Point of Sale

We realize that when you hire a new employee, you need them to begin using your Retail POS system correctly and as soon as possible. You just don’t want to waste too much productivity by training them in the software. Retail stores depend on getting employees up to speed immediately, which is why the AccuPOS Retail POS software interface is designed for simple, intuitive actions that any user can master right away. New hires will be perfectly comfortable using AccuPOS Point of Sale in a matter of minutes. Demo Video

Easy timeclock integration

Our AccuSHIFT software add-on lets you manage staff quicker than ever before. They can clock in and out on the sales screen, sending it automatically to your timesheets. You can make corrections, add and remove employees, and use customized swipe cards for convenience and security. Who does manual timesheets anymore? Not you, that’s for sure.

Know what makes you money

More often than not, a smart business is a successful one. AccuPOS makes yours smarter than ever. With our software, you can generate online sales reports, be they from the first day of last week’s sale, or Black Friday two years ago. You’ll know what sells and when, informing your decisions going forward. That’s how retail businesses thrive.

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Sell anything, from anywhere

Whether you have a traditional brick & mortar store, a pop-up boutique, or want to make sales on the go – it’s all seamlessly processed through the same system. Android devices help make your business lightning fast, flexible and secure – from anywhere you want to sell.

Award winning service

We take immense pride in caring about our customers, and we’ve done so for nearly two decades. We know that when our customers are successful, we are too, which is why we put so much focus on service before, during, and after a sale.

Real Security with PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is an important security measure that every business processing credit cards and debit cards is required to follow. AccuPOS Point of Sale works seamlessly between you and your merchant service provider, ensuring all required encryption and safeguarding of sensitive cardholder data.
Award winning service

Unlimited support, when you need it

We know our customers’ success means our own, so we put a lot of time and effort into our comprehensive support system. We’re here for you, anytime you need us.

1am struggles? No problem

1am struggles? No problem

We know your business doesn’t stop when the doors close for the night. In fact, a huge chunk of the work in retail happens after hours. That’s why we’re always a phone call away, even 24 hour emergency support for any late night issues.

Ranked the best, by the best

Ranked the best, by the best

We’re the only product ever to be endorsed by Sage, and the #1 ranked company on the Quickbooks User Marketplace, 7 years running. Our customers know we’ve got an incredible product, but they also know we back it up with incredible service.

Ready to grow with you

Ready to grow with you

If growth is on your agenda, it’s on ours too. We’ll give you complete support and expert advice, from your first day in the premises to your 20th year. We’ll tailor a POS system that fits you perfectly, and we’ll adjust it as you get bigger. We want you as a partner for life.