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Worldpay integrated payment processing

AccuPOS Partner services

For complete integration with AccuPOS Point of Sale, use trusted merchant service partners to process transactions and secure your business sales. Capture payments directly with Worldpay secure processing and take advantage of the latest security technologies and fastest POS integration available.

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Merchant service partners with AccuPOS Point of Sale

Choose your favorite payments provider

Have a favorite card processor already? AccuPOS is fully compatible with any payment service you may be using. Easily accept card payments in any country, anywhere you do business. Your rates, your features, your way. This is how merchant services and point of sale should be.

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Merchant service partners with AccuPOS Point of Sale

Fully Payment Card Industry (PCI)-compliant

Custom rates and fees

Don’t get locked into set credit card transaction fees and rates. Choose your own rates with a customizable plan for your business, and negotiate on your terms. Say goodbye to 2.9% transaction fees, and hello to financial freedom.

Secured and PCI-compliant

PCI-compliance is an important security measure that every business processing credit and debit card is required to follow. The AccuPOS Point of Sale system works seamlessly between you and your merchant service provider, ensuring all required encryption and safeguarding of sensitive cardholder data.

Global EMV-compatibility

With more businesses and countries adopting the global EMV standard, compatibility is growing more and more important. AccuPOS is fully compliant with the new standards, ensuring you can process cards no matter where you are. Bring your own equipment or purchase everything you need with your POS.


No matter what your business sells or how your employees get paid, AccuPOS has you covered. EMV support includes the ability to add tips and auto-gratuity charges to transactions. Complete reporting features and built-in email receipts included.

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A Better Point of Sale

Speed Up Sales

Easy to use, easy to master. Fly through our simple, friendly interface with lightning speed. We believe in turning waiting visitors into paying customers as efficiently as possible.

Eliminate Mistakes

Drastically reduce staff errors and lengthy training sessions. Intuitive, smart point of sale software makes setup and use unbelievably smooth.

Customize Your Storefront

Add your branding to the interface, turning your point of sale into a marketing banner. Receipts, emails, and screens with your logo front and center.

Keep On Growing

AccuPOS smoothly scales as your business grows, even if you open new locations. It’s impossible to outgrow AccuPOS, no matter big you get.

Create Powerful Receipts

Save paper and build a customer database by emailing receipts to customers – great for marketing to repeat buyers. Quickly retrieve any receipt from anytime.

Upgrade Your Security

We’re EMV ready, and have been for years. You can use your own compatible EMV equipment, or purchase everything you need directly from us.

Add More Features

Powerful integrations with your accounting software, smart inventory control, on-screen timekeeping, advanced reporting, and more. AccuPOS has built everything your business needs to run smoothly.

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I love my AccuPOS point of sale because it is so easy to use and it has so many levels of tracking available. I am so busy trying to run my business and the reporting that I am able to get saves me time. It gives me the ability to keep a good handle on my business effortlessly.

June Wooding

Foxborough, MA

Happy AccuPOS point of sale trucking customer