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AccuPOS Point of Sale software on desktop and mobile devices

The Point of Sale company that gives you more.

We recognize that your needs are constantly shifting. That’s why our software shifts with them, so you’ll never have to change.

EPOS systems haven’t always been as good as ours. Back in 1996, when we first started, we looked around and saw how frustrated business owners were with their EPOS systems, who simply felt that their needs weren’t being met. There was no focus on individual needs; systems were often unfathomably complex; and there was no compatibility with most accounting products out there. The result? Lots of wasted time and flustered users, who couldn’t make the most of their EPOS system, and often had to rely on others for help.

With these problems in mind, we asked ourselves a simple question: “How can we create a system that’s easy to use for cashiers, but also has a back-end that works exactly to the business owner’s specifications?” We didn’t leave the question unanswered though – we set about researching solutions, and quickly discovered the great invoicing and reporting capabilities of QuickBooks and Sage products. So why not enable EPOS users to easily gather data, and then link this data with accounting? And so AccuPOS was born, and we haven’t looked back since.

AccuPOS business owner and customer

Our values: Simple & effective.

Our values are the key to AccuPOS’ success, and intermingle to create the perfect EPOS system, as well as give the highest standard of customer service to each and every customer.


We want you to succeed. If you succeed, it means we succeed, so it makes sense to put you first. We’ll do absolutely everything we can for you, and constantly raise the bar when it comes to customer service. The result? You’ll want to stay with AccuPOS forever more.


We ensure we own everything, from the way in which AccuPOS works as a company, through to the individual decisions we make. This means that you can call us day or night, and get an accurate and helpful answer. If we can’t help on the spot, it’ll be our mission to help you as soon as we can. You are our partner, and we want to look after you.


We are 100% committed to creating the perfect EPOS system. Each day, every staff member, from software creators to hardware developers, asks themselves one simple question– “How can I improve our product, and give customers even more of what they want?”


The success of AccuPOS isn’t down to one person, but instead down to the way in which every cog in the team works together. Everyone working at AccuPOS is invested in the company’s success, and wants to see the entire team succeed.

What our customers have to say

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