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Sweet by Holly

  • Sweet By Holly gifts and desserts using AccuPOS POS systems

“We have only been using AccuPOS a short time but have had great results. AccuPOS’s easy to use interface has helped us quickly deliver our rapidly growing signature cupcakes. Thank you AccuPOS!” – Victor Rodriguez, General Manager of Sweet by Holly 

Sweet by Holly is a great example of moving into more advanced software choices in order to support your business growth.  Holly has an additional shop that has been in business since before she purchased AccuPOS POS Software.  It is in her new location in Jacksonville, Florida that she realized she needed a more advanced and customizable system.  Holly worked with a consultant, Moriah Corporation, a reseller of Mercury Payment Systems and able to provide integrated merchant services for Sweet as well.  Not only did Moriah Corp.  make a great recommendation for Holly, but they introduced AccuPOS to Holly and her staff as well who have been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Also using AccuSHIFT timeclock software, Quickbooks, and AccuPOS loyalty cards, Sweet is making life a little sweeter one cupcake at a time.

“It is so great to be part of the cupcake craze and with such a successful business.  Jumping into an already established business with an excited staff has been great for AccuPOS.  We always appreciate when the customers and consultant are as excited about AccuPOS Point of Sale as we are.  It is also an honor to follow Sweet on facebook and see what amazing things they have been up to….and the mouth watering photos don”t hurt either.”  – Annette R., Client Relations Associate

Who is Sweet by Holly?

It is pretty clear once you read the story on her website that Sweet by Holly is Holly.  Growing up in a household filled with guests and entertainment, Holly set out west to Hollywood and changed the way people ate on the sets of many major TV shows by upping the standard.  Holly quickly became chef to the stars before settling down with her own family, moving to Florida, and opening her first shop in 2008.  Not only did she tap into the cupcake craze by creating flavors reminiscent of gourmet childhood desserts but she was on board with the self serve frozen yogurt before anyone else.

Congratulations to Sweet by Holly who aside from starring in the pilot Cupcake Confidential for the Cooking Channel, has won Cupcake Wars not once but twice.

If you are in Jacksonville or Orlando, Florida, do not miss out on Sweet by Holly. Go to for locations, hours and mouth watering goodness!

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