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Myong Gourmet

  • Myong Gourmet restaurant - AccuPOS case study client

“Myong Gourmet has been using AccuPOS since 2003 when we opened our Prepared Foods Gourmet Store / Café. We started looking for point of sale systems and needed something that was robust and reliable. It also became obvious that we’d need to have the system handle retail merchandise, prepared food served and weighed by a scale, read scale embedded barcodes and handle table service in our café.
There is nothing out there without having specialized programming and coding built. No system except AccuPOS had these abilities, and I looked at them all. As a business, we looked at all the top brands and decided that the AccuPOS software package was our first choice for the software; and for support which is equally, if not more important, AccuPOS as a company was able to provide the service we needed. Set up was easy, and even if you don’t have a great deal of computer knowledge support can walk you through anything.

We could not operate our business without AccuPOS Point of Sale

In 2010 we moved our business into a much larger space and in addition to all of the above we opened our fine dining restaurant as an extension of our café. Again we stayed with AccuPOS because they were able to help us grow. Now we have the main computer or “Back-Office” in the rear kitchen office and we have 1 POS at the café, 2 for the dining room, and another at the bar. We have slots our POS systems reading embedded barcodes for our prepared foods, merchandise and even bottles of fine wine which enables us to keep our inventory instantly up to date.

For us AccuPOS was no-brainer! We could not operate our business without AccuPOS. The flexibility we have just kills any other software package! To be able to simply add inventory on my time, on the fly and update merchandise myself with ease and simplicity, seals the deal I also know if I get stuck or in a jam, support is a phone call away. A tip I give to my friends that are in the restaurant or retail business, is to use LogMeIn Pro Version. You can operate the back office or monitor your POS systems from anywhere in the world. You can also help staff remotely and teach as you go along”. – Rob Feiner, Myong PL Gourmet

“Myong Gourmet has been a customer of AccuPOS for longer than I have worked here, needless to say, working with Rob Feiner has taught me quite a bit about the growth of small business and proven that everything AccuPOS claims, it can stand up to and it makes us proud.  It is incredible to work with customers who are as passionate about their business as we are about ours” – Eliza Steel, AccuPOS Client Relations

Who is Myong Gourmet?

Myong Gourmet is the place to be in Mount Kisco, New York.  Myong Gourmet has been reviewed with raves by everyone from Martha Stewart to the New York Times, they are clearly a staple of Westchester County.  Clearly Myong has combined the flavors and tastes of Asia, Europe and the U.S to bring you her stand out knockout menus.  If you don’t have time for a sit down meal, Myong Private Label Gourmet is the store connected to the restaurant that began this whole endeavor and dream, and will provide you with fresh, clean and delicious meals on the go!

If you are in Mount Kisco, NY go say hello to Myong and Rob, try their amazing food and send them our best!  For more information please go to www.plgourmet.com.

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