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Graffam Bros. Seafood Market

  • Graffam Bros. Seafood Market Maine - AccuPOS Point of Sale case study

“AccuPOS was recommended to us when we were expanding our business to include a retail seafood market.  It integrates nicely with Quickbooks and the support staff is fantastic whenever we run into any issues.  We recently started using the Gift Cards and wonder why we waited so long.  They are so simple and easy to use! AccuPOS was the right choice for us”. – Kimberlee Graffam

An AccuPOS customer since 2008, the crew at Graffam Bros Seafood Market has consistently been a joy to work with. Graffam Bros has always been ready to put together the products that best work for them; they use Cynergy for their merchant services, Quickbooks for their accounting and this year added AccuPOS Gift Cards which we are proud to say are doing well by them.

“Kimberlee is a wonderful customer to work with.  She is always ready to move forward and get familiar with everything new AccuPOS has to offer. She is patient, positive and she is passionate about her business…I can only imagine she keeps her customers coming back for more” – Eliza Steel, AccuPOS Client Relations

Who is Graffam Bros Seafood Market?

Graffam Bros Seafood Market is the Lobster hotspot of Rockport, Maine.  Fortunately for all of us who are nowhere near Maine, they have an incredible online market which allows the rest of us to enjoy everything they have to offer; they have mastered the shipping of all of their inventory so there is no need to think twice about making that order.  A family business since the 1940’s, they take pride in everything they catch, prepare, sell, serve and ship.  They share their best recipes and could tell you almost everything there is to know about lobsters.  They make it possible to surf for your own seafood without ever putting your foot in the water!

If you are in Rockport Maine, have yourself a taste of the freshest seafood there is…and say hello from AccuPOS. For more information please go to www.lobsterstogo.com

And congratulations to Graffam Bros. who has purchased additional AccuPOS Point of Sale software for their brand new cafe, Graffam Bros. Harborside Restaurant! We are very excited for your growth and very proud to be a part of it!

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