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The Flower Ranch

  • The Flower Ranch AccuPOS case study

At the end of 2008, AccuPOS was lucky enough to gain The Flower Ranch as a customer.  Joe Pipes, owner of The Flower Ranch, has made sure to keep his AccuPOS system integrated with his Peachtree accounting software (newly named Sage 50 – U.S. edition) and merchant services with Mercury Payment Systems to remove human error from his front-end accounting.

Point of Sale integration with Peachtree Accounting

Always staying on top of it and involved, Joe Pipes sets a wonderful example for customers wondering how well they really need to get to know their Point of Sale system.  Clearly Mr. Pipes got it as he recently added a second location to his business and installed AccuPOS at the get go. What started as a vendor customer relationship in 2008 has since grown into a friendship of businesses; we always know when we hear from The Flower Ranch that we are dealing with straight shooters who will undoubtedly make you laugh even when something isn’t working perfectly for them.

“From the very first time Joe Pipes contacted us, it was clear he would be an ideal AccuPOS user. He was knowledgeable about his needs and company infrastructure.  It is always a pleasure to work with someone who has truly committed to their accounting software.  After a thorough WebEx demonstration of AccuPOS, to be sure we weren’t overlooking any of his needs Mr. Pipes pulled the trigger and bought AccuPOS, a testimony to his ability to make important, result-minded decisions.  In the time that has followed, Mr. Pipes has, with our assistance, fine-tuned a multi-faceted, multi-store POS/Accounting solution with AccuPOS add-ons like AccuSHIFT and a Remote Transfer Module that would be the envy of any successful business owner.” – Joe Pergola, AccuPOS Sales Manager

“We play in the dirt for a living. Technology and electronics are a necessary evil, not really a highlight for us. Accupos makes our POS walk and talk even for us techno dummies.  Every one from the front office staff, sales staff and tech support makes our job seem easy.” – Joe Pipes, Owner of The Flower Ranch

Who is The Flower Ranch?

What started as Pipes Plant Farm, a wholesale business designed to supply landscape contractors with seasonal flowers which could then be sold to their own clientele is now a growing retail business called The Flower Ranch. In 1995, ten years after Pipes Plant Farm came to be, The Flower Ranch opened its doors making it easier for homeowners to buy directly from the source.  It is true that The Flower Ranch is in Texas and not accessible to us per se, however, we gain plenty of ideas from them simply looking at all their photos sent in by loyal customers.  Hey, we just checked it out and will be definitely going out today after work to buy our very own Kale seeds and then check out how to plant and care for them at www.theflowerranch.net.

If you are in or around Keller or Rhome, TX  you must stop by The Flower Ranch, find Joe Pipes, have him show you all the beautiful flowers and tell him that Broom Hilda says ‘hello’.

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