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Scotty’s Big Dawg Pub

  • Scotty's Big Dawg Pub uses AccuPOS Point of Sale

“Scotty is one of my favorite customers to talk too. Everytime I need to call Scotty or if he calls in he always put”s a smile on my face no matter what.  Scotty clearly knows the importance of vendor relationships which only makes us want to work harder for him” – Annette Rodriguez, AccuPOS Client Relations Associate

An AccuPOS user since 2004, Scotty’s Big Dawg Pub has been a part of the AccuPOS family and brand since pretty close to the beginning.  Recently doing an upgrade on their system, Scott McLeish now has the most recent version of AccuPOS, Sage Payment Solutions as his integrated merchant processor, QuickBooks for accounting AND AccuPOS gift cards as the icing (Who doesn’t want a gift card to their favorite pub?…Brilliant!)

“Our Accupos POS  has increased efficiency and speed of service at our pub.  Additionally any questions or issues that arise are addressed quickly and competently by the AccuPOS tech support team.” – Cathy McLeish

Who is Scotty’s Big Dawg Pub?

Dog lovers, people lovers, good time lovers are the kind of people one would find at Scotty’s Big Dawg Pub in Middletown, RI.  When looking at their website, bigdawgspub.com, you get the feeling you are walking in to Cheers and once you speak to their staff, the feeling only strengthens as this is the neighborhood joint we have all been looking for……..too bad for us they are 3,000 miles away.

If you are in Middletown, RI….Go say hello to Scotty, Cathy and the rest of the crew at Scotty’s Big Dawg Pub.  For more information and pictures of truly enormous dogs, go to bigdawgspub.com.

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