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Diamond K Supply

  • Diamond K Supply for gardening and lawn beautification - AccuPOS Point of Sale case study

Diamond K Supply, Ltd. has been a loyal AccuPOS POS Software customer since 2007. They have been in business since 1936! In 1947 the Magrath family purchased an interest in the company and since 1948 it has been family owned and operated. Serving the rural needs of a California community, the company has grown and expanded to include expanded facilities, increased delivery capabilities, and an ongoing commitment to provide and meet the expectations of their customers.

As AccuPOS customers, they have time and again demonstrated their understanding of the importance of vendor relationships. The Director of Client Relations, Eliza Steel couldn’t say enough good things about them. “Diamond K Supply Ltd. is a pleasure to work with and being a part of their business and growth makes us proud.” They have taken full advantage of the AccuPOS Point of Sale System by staying upgraded to the latest software and always keeping their technical support contract up to date. Diamond K Supply Ltd has also taken full advantage of boarding their merchant services through Sage which not only protects the security of all of their customers through PCI Compliance, but completely eliminates human error. When asked about their AccuPOS Point of Sale experience this is what they had to say:

“After 70 years in business, we decided to computerize our sales counter. The startup was easy and the guys on the counter like the buttons and find them easy to use. It is nice to not hand write our sales tickets”

Thank you Diamond K Supply! It is fantastic to be a part of your company!

Diamond K Supply Ltd is the reason we are in business; we not only celebrate them as exemplary customers, but as part of the AccuPOS community.

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