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Point of Sale Package

AccuPOS Point of Sale

Our flagship software and namesake, AccuPOS POS Software is designed to be the ultimate connection between your POS and your bookkeeping- two vital components of your business success.

Created to perform equally as well for both retail stores, restaurants and bars, AccuPOS Point of Sale provides this crucial linkage that no other PC-based POS provides, and it allows for instant viewing of many important aspects of your establishment from a computer anywhere in the world.

We also realize that simplicity is a key factor in training new employees and having your checkout lines run as fast as possible, so we've designed our POS to have an intuitive interface that is touchscreen friendly and easy to use.

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Point of Sale Package

AccuCOUNT Inventory Management

Designed to be the software connection between inventory and your accounting program, AccuCOUNT is ideal for any retail store and bars or restaurants with bars.

Before the advent of computerized accounting programs, checking in incoming inventory used to be a long and tedious chore. But not anymore: our wireless scanner allows for simple, lightning fast inventory reception that updates the inventory in your accounting system instantly, saving you valuable time and bookkeeping errors.

AccuCOUNT also allows for easy audits that match up what is in your physical inventory with your accounting system, so you can keep track of shrinkage and be automatically alerted as you get low on a specific item.

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Point of Sale Package

AccuSHIFT TimeClock Software

Our timeclock software works in conjunction with your accounting program, so keeping track of employee hours is both comprehensive and effortless.

The interface is built into the POS, and provides for secure, password encoded clock-in and clock-outs. We also offer customized timeclock cards so employees can simply swipe their card for extra convenience and security.

AccuSHIFT also allows for different job descriptions and pay rates for the same employee, meaning that a staff member can sign in as a manager at one pay rate one day, and sign in as a cashier at another pay rate the next day.

And all your employee hours and the detailed payroll information can be kept track of in your accounting program.

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