AccuCOUNT: Our Inventory Management Software

POS AccuCOUNT Inventory Software

Honeywell Optimus

AccuCOUNT is an essential tool for any business maintaining inventory, whether you use QuickBooks, Sage 50 U.S. Edition, Sage 50 Canadian Edition or Line 50.

Our inventory software lets you receive items from vendors and compare physical counts with the quantity on hand in accounting, in a fraction of the time and cost of doing it by hand. In addition, AccuCOUNT assists with the task of creating professional bar code labels for complete and accurate inventory control. AccuCOUNT will tighten inventory control, increase accuracy and reduce employee hours, making the return on investment almost immediate. Best of all it works seamlessly with our POS software.

Take Inventory

Use a wireless scanner to quickly perform physical counts. AccuCOUNT compares these numbers with the quantity on hand from your accounting program, allowing seamless adjustments in a fraction of the time.

Receive Inventory

Use the scanner on your items as they arrive. AccuCOUNT will send accurate item receipts to your accounting system, increasing quantity on hand and streamlining your billing process.


$2128 for AccuCOUNT software, Wireless Data Collector and 1 year of unlimited support.

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Adjust Inventory Screen
Point of Sale Inventory Screen
Receive Inventory Screen
Point of Sale Receive Inventory Screen