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Point of Sale (POS) Software

It is rare that people in pursuit of the perfect POS Software ever consider the history of POS Software. Unless you learn its history there is a good chance that you are not clear on the purpose of Point of Sale Software.

As all other inventions do, or should do, POS Software was created to fill a need where there was a gap.

We are approaching four decades since the first version of any Point of Sale Software was put into use. Point of Sale Software started running on a microprocessor and is almost unrecognizable to the fully digital POS Software we see being used today.

HOWEVER, it serves the same purpose, it fills the same gap only better and more efficiently.

Today there is AccuPOS POS Software, the most customizable Point of Sale Software that has the capability to remove all human error from the front end of your business so YOU may grow YOUR business exponentially... whether you sell hamburgers or not.

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AccuPOS Point of Sale software is bundled to work with all budgets, from neighborhood start-ups to multiple-store chains that have been open for years. Unlimited software/hardware combinations allow AccuPOS to configure the most economical and efficient and P.O.S system for your precise business needs.


Our POS software works with the best hardware available on the market today: wireless inventory scanners, integrated scales, in-counter scanner/scale combinations, remote printers for prep areas, thermal receipt printers, credit card swipers, paperless signature pads, touchscreen monitors, customer pole displays, cash drawers - all the standard peripherals and add-ons that speed up your checkout lines and improve your bottom line and customer service.

Ease of Use

When hiring a new employee, you'll need them to use your POS system correctly and as soon as possible. Our POS interface is designed for simple and intuitive actions that any user can learn right away. Your new hires can be comfortable using AccuPOS POS in just minutes.

PCI Compliance

Every business processing credit and debit cards is required to follow PCI compliance, as it is an important security measure. AccuPOS P.O.S. works seamlessly between you and your merchant service provider, ensuring all required encryption and safeguarding of sensitive cardholder data. For more info on PCI compliance, visit our Merchant Services page and PCI Validated Payment Application pages.

Award Winning

The most respected and widely used accounting software recognize AccuPOS Point of Sale as a leader in the P.O.S. industry. Our exclusive integration process has earned numerous awards: Gold Developer status by Sage 50 US Edition (formerly Peachtree), Sage 50 Canadian Edition (formerly Simply Accounting) and QuickBooks by Intuit, as well as an Awesome QuickBooks Add-on award from the Sleeter Group, a respected community of accounting software experts in the United States.

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