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Android Point of Sale (POS)

Our POS software leads the industry in Accounting Integration, so what’s the next stop? AccuPOS brings you an Android Point of Sale for your Android tablet or an Android Point of Sale app for your Android phone. Imagine being able to walk around your restaurant with Android Point of Sale by AccuPOS loaded onto an extremely portable tablet and do the same things you could do but this time do it faster, cheaper and with more reliability.

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Why Add Droid to Your P.O.S. system?

Wouldn’t you feel great knowing that your wait staff is able to send orders to fire right from the restaurant floor? When they use the Android Point of Sale app by AccuPOS they will no longer need to race each other to the register and inundate the kitchen; they will be able to send any special order to the remote printer using their Android Point of Sale app by AccuPOS the same way they would use their AccuPOS Point of Sale that runs on a PC.

And for restaurant goers, how wonderful would it be if when ready to leave a restaurant, you really get to leave the restaurant? No more waiting for the whole process of paying a bill because your waiter pulled out of his/her smock an AccuPOS Droid P.O.S. fully loaded with its Android Point of Sale app, pulled up your check, swiped your card, handed you a receipt and said thank you come again…customer service to return for.

The Power of Android Point of Sale Functionality

AccuPOS Android Point of Sale and its counterpart the Android Point of Sale app have the same functionality as PC based AccuPOS Point of Sale and there are even benefits. Along with continuing to integrate with your accounting program as well as your merchant services, you will be significantly lowering your costs for hardware while increasing reliability simply because it is a Droid P.O.S. using Android.

The portability of the Droid P.O.S. makes all sales more efficient increasing the level of customer service you are able to provide. Consider special features that come with tablets and cell phones, many of these features are and will be incorporated into the functionality of your AccuPOS Android Point of Sale and Android Point of Sale app.

Introduce your business to the new generation of AccuPOS and get on board with a brand new Droid P.O.S. For questions, please contact us at or 800-906-5010.

Install the Demo Version of AccuPOS Point of Sale on Your Android Phone or Tablet Right Now!

Our Point of Sale demonstration version for Android is easy to download and install. To try it out, fill out the green Free Android Demo App form on the top right of this page.

The download file size is 800k. AccuPOS Point of Sale for Android will not be able to access the personal data on your device, and will not delete or alter any of your files.

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