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Point of Sale System for Sage 100 ERP

Sage 100 ERP POS System AwardSage 100 ERP is the new name for one of Sage’s most popular accounting programs, formerly named Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200.

As one of the most dynamic and powerful business accounting programs available for the backend of you business, it is a natural match with AccuPOS POS Software for the frontend of your business.

One of the most valuable commodities to you as a business owner is your time and that of your customers.

Either opening up a new business or running a successful one requires constant and never-ending attention to the very basics – money coming in vs. money going out.

The partnership of Sage 100 and AccuPOS Point of Sale gives you the capability to report on all line item detail by filtering information based on sales type, date, sales-person, etc. thus helping to project more accurately the future of your business.

And equally important are the details particular to your type of business and your individual operating needs, including customer issues, employees, sales offers, etc. These are the elements that make your business unique; so while using the combination of the AccuPOS POS system and Sage 100 this information can all be recorded for the benefit of your business.

This is Where the Importance of Good Accounting Comes In

Our specially-designed Sage-Developer Award winning POS system is the only Point of Sale system capable of sending all line item detail pre-reconciled into Sage 100 ERP upon Z-out completing the information and statistics you need to grow your business most profitably.

Our POS system is designed to integrate seamlessly with Sage 100 ERP specifically to streamline your entire accounting process, front-end and back.

And although our point of sale is not an accounting program itself, its design is specific to filling the holes often left in accounting software for human reconciliation and therefore a guaranteed percentage of loss due to human error. AccuPOS’ line item integration with Sage 100 ERP fills those holes and removes the likelihood of human error.

What Else Makes AccuPOS Stand Out Among All Other POS Systems?

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DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Tipton, PA

Adding AccuPOS to our Sage 100 ERP application has been a big success. We are working with relevant, current data. We now have access to data that we could not even begin to collect and analyze before.

Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group

Accounting Solutions Experts
AccuPOS is awesome because it fills a niche that many QuickBooks users in the retail and hospitality industries need: overall design, outstanding features and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

Ken Silberstein

QuickBooks Professional Advisor

Fantastic! I have been  been utilizing AccuPOS Point of Sale for several years now to accommodate Point of Sale needs that integrate quickly and easily with QuickBooks for Windows. As our needs have grown, AccuPOS has grown with us!