Award-Winning Point of Sale Software for Android

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Android Point of Sale Software - Take Your Business Anywhere

Business transactions aren’t limited to behind the counter anymore. Gone are the days of bringing the store to the checkout. Now, with our Android POS software for tablets and phones, you can bring the checkout to the store, wherever it may be. Think all the reliability, functionality, and accounting integration of our regular software, only with the wires cut. Think processing transactions from wherever you are, be it a trade show, a park, or just the shop floor. That’s the power of Android Point of Sale technology.
Mobile & Tablet POS

Full integration with accounting software.

One of the great benefits of AccuPOS is its seamless integration with your accounting software. Endorsed by Sage and highly rated on the Quickbooks marketplace, it’s safe to say we know what our customers demand when it comes to accounting integration. There isn’t another POS service on the market that offers more detail or ease of use than ours.

Rocket fuel for your company’s efficiency.

Whatever the industry, efficiency is vital. Making the juice worth the squeeze can make or break a business, and with our POS for Android, you’ll see wasted time and energy vanish before your eyes. In a restaurant, countless hours are spent going to and from the kitchen with orders, and to and from the register with payment. These folks are wait staff, not marathon runners. With our Android Point of Sale system, you can let the technology do the legwork, and ease the congestion on the chef. Just take an order at the table, and print the ticket remotely to the kitchen.
Specialist support whenever you need it.
Mobile & Tablet POS

Friendly for the user, and friendlier for the customer.

Picture the scene; a hardware store that makes a customer load up their bulky buys onto a cart, bring them to an aging register, pay, then heave them out to the car. As far as being efficient goes, that doesn’t even get off the ground. Now imagine this; the customer chooses their product, the staff member comes over with a tablet, checks them out in the aisle, and they can load up the car straight away. An entire step of the process has been skipped, and skipped to everyone’s benefit. No one wants buying something to be a chore, and our service makes sure it isn’t.

Why Android ?

Developer friendly operating system makes it easier to innovate. When you buy from AccuPOS, we keep up with the future, so your business stays in the present, not the past.
A more affordable platform, because they don’t have a vicegrip on their own hardware.
Can be locked to ‘kiosk mode’, meaning it will disable all features of the tablet or phone not related to the provision of a POS service.
Enterprise-level security.