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With expert support, flexible device options for PC & Android, and top ranked accounting integration, we’re the restaurant Point of Sale that’s with you before, during, and after the rush.

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Use AccuPOS as part of a discounted hardware/software bundle, or incorporate
our Restaurant Point of Sale software into your own compatible setup for as little as $795.

Built with you in mind

We believe a Point of Sale should solve problems, not cause them. That’s why we’ve built a system that’s affordable, simple, and has the support you’d expect from a top ranked Restaurant POS System.

A Restaurant POS System with Effortless Interface

Effortless Interface

Our POS is so easy to use, it’ll take minutes, not hours, to train a staff member. After a simple tutorial, they’ll master our intuitive restaurant POS system, drastically reducing wasted time and the possibility of costly errors.

A Restaurant POS System in Harmony with your Hardware

Harmony with your Hardware

Use your own PC or Android equipment, or benefit from our heavily discounted packages of software and hardware that can be tailor-made for your restaurant.

EMV Ready PCI Compliant

Fully EMV Ready & PCI Compliant

Rest easy knowing that you’re ready for the latest EMV regulations. Process thousands of credit cards with the security that your restaurant Point of Sale system is PCI Compliant.

We could not operate our business without AccuPOS. The flexibility we have just kills any other software package. To be able to simply add inventory on the fly and update merchandise myself with ease and simplicity, seals the deal. I also know if I get stuck or in a jam, support is a phone call away. Myong Gourmet,
Mount Kisco, NY.

We make your books a breeze

Running a restaurant is tricky enough. Updating the books, chasing staff for time sheets; it means longer days and shorter tempers all round. With AccuPOS, you only have to worry about the thing that matters most – providing your customers with top service.

Accounting Integration

AccuPOS is a one-of-a-kind Restaurant POS System designed to be used in restaurants of all sizes, ready to handle heavy transaction volume at any time. Unlike most other POS systems, our software connects seamlessly with your books, meaning you don’t have to re-enter data by hand. The average US business spends an hour per day crunching accounting numbers. Yours won’t be one of them. Accounting Integration Video
A Restaurant POS System with Accounting Integration
Restaurant POS System Demo Video

Suitable for all service types

The AccuPOS Restaurant POS Software is an affordable, full-featured solution that is ideal for every form of restaurant, including take-out & delivery, fast food, self-serve, buffet, coffee shops, and local eateries all the way to fine dining, bars, nightclubs, and country clubs. We work with you to design the most efficient and economical custom POS solution for your exact needs. Employees will quickly master the intuitive Point of Sale interface, eliminating the need for any other restaurant software. POS Demo Video

Know your best sellers & control costs

Keeping track of sales & expenses is essential to any thriving restaurant. With our restaurant Point of Sale software, you’ll be able to generate online reports from any timeframe, be it weekly, yearly, or beyond. Accurate tracking of food and beverage costs will help keep you profitable as a business, and ensure you’re efficiently stocked in the kitchen. What’s more, the data can be accessed from anywhere, meaning you can tweak a menu or dream up a special whilst on the go.
Know your best sellers
Time tracking

Time tracking

Our AccuSHIFT software add-on lets your staff clock-in and out securely on the same screen they use for sales, then automatically sends the info to your timesheets. Sounds simple? It is. Easily make corrections, add new employees, and make use of our customized swipe cards to add convenience and security. AccuSHIFT can launch seamlessly from your main POS screen, or be installed separately on a mounted Android tablet in your employee area. Whatever it’s doing, it’ll always look, feel, and work the same.

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Make your restaurant Mobile

Taking orders on mobiles and tablets has never been easier, thanks to Android. If you run a food truck, are out on the road for the day, or just want to speed up your service at the table, take our technology with you, without changing the easy to use interface you’re used to. Short notice events and one-off excursions are easy as pie.
Make your Restaurant POS System Mobile
Award winning service for your Restaurant POS System

Award winning service

We take immense pride in caring about our customers, and we’ve done so for nearly two decades. We know that when our customers are successful, we are too, which is why we put so much focus on service before, during, and after a sale.

Customer Retention

Keep your customers coming back again and again when you use the features of our restaurant POS system such as guest tracking, contact management, detailed order histories, and automated delivery addresses on “to go” receipts. AccuPOS Point of Sale System is fast and easy to learn so your staff can focus on excellent service, and our gift cards and loyalty cards that are compatible with the software will make sure your customers won’t want to eat anywhere else.
Award winning service
Award winning service

Real Security with PCI Compliance

Credit card fraud is on the rise, and regulations put a strong focus on business owners to be safe, secure and responsible with their customers’ cardholder data. AccuPOS Point of Sale provides full PCI Compliance by working seamlessly between you and your merchant service provider, ensuring all necessary encryption is in place for maximum security and peace of mind.

AccuPOS Membership

Membership Plans provide premium access to AccuPOS user resources and a host of additional benefits that will help you make the most of your AccuPOS Solution. AccuPOS Membership plans are flexible, allowing monthly and annual payment options.

*AccuPOS memberships are required and start at $29 per month. Compare membership plans

24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Your restaurant doesn’t run 9-5, so neither do we. We’re right here waiting to help in any way we can. Even if you need us minutes before the Saturday dinner service, we’ve got you covered.

Ranked the best Restaurant POS system, by the best

Ranked the best, by the best

When you work with AccuPOS, you work with the only product ever to be endorsed by Sage, and the #1 ranked company by the Quickbooks User Marketplace 7 years and counting. If your restaurant uses either software, we’ll go together like peaches and cream.

Here for you, not the sale

Here for you, not the sale

From your first week in your first premises to your tenth year of consecutive growth, AccuPOS is right there with you. The last thing you want is to have to go through the entire POS buying process again as you get bigger,  so we adjust as your needs evolve.