Accounting Integration FAQ’s:

  • How does it work?Items are set up in your accounting program first. Our POS system will then read the inventory list (and customers if tracking) and copy it to a local database. Using that list, sales are processed ‘Cash Register’ style at the front end.

  • When will my sales post to accounting?At the end of every shift when a Z-Out report is generated, AccuPOS Point of Sale will not only provide a reset report, but will also automatically update the accounting program with detailed sales information. Whether the accounting program is local or at a remote location, the update process is seamless!

  • Can I process other sales transactions using my accounting program?Absolutely, AccuPOS POS system was designed to allow users to process transactions such as Web Orders, Mail Orders and Special Orders using either the accounting software directly or other third party software. The sales from the point of sale will append to any other transactions processed for a complete accounting overview.

A POS Full of Potential

Get ready to fire on all cylinders with AccuPOS + Accounting Integration. You’ll be able to manage your books, stock, and staff from anywhere on the planet, saving you time and frustration.