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“Next Level” Retail POS System That Knows Your Customer Even Better

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For as long as we can remember, POS systems have always been geared for making the moment of transaction as smooth as possible for the retailer and customer alike. But as a marketing and customer loyalty tool you can actively use to grow the relationship? Admittedly, that wasn’t much of a consideration – until now.

A new breed of retail POS system is providing next-level reporting to help you drill down on customer data so you can leverage that information for more personalized touches with each and every customer. According to McKinsey & Company, companies that can personalize the customer experience online and offline can expect to see up to a 15% revenue increase across their entire population of customers.

Let’s take a deeper look at how AccuPOS is using its technology to elevate the retail experience and position you for sustained success via more visits and more purchases per customer.

One Receipt, A Whole Lot Of Buyer Intelligence

Would they like a receipt? Hope not. Because the traditional paper receipt is what it is – a record of the transaction given to the customer. It’s going to be taken and put in your customer’s pocket, only to be crumpled up and difficult to read later.

Yet, what would happen if you added the option to email the receipt to the customer? Ah. Now you’ve given them the convenience of not needing a receipt of the transaction. Plus, by them allowing you to email them the receipt, they’ve given you something incredibly valuable as well – permission to add their name to your customer database. This opens the door for timely, ongoing marketing communication and campaigns to be directed toward certain customers in a far more intelligent way.

We’re just getting warmed up, though.

Retail POS As In-House Salesperson

When a customer has visited your store frequently, you’d like to reward them sooner than later and as much as possible, right? Fortunately, the receipt you just emailed to the customer laid the groundwork for you to provide a more personalized sale upon their next visit to the store.

Here’s how that’s done through the AccuPOS retail system:

A customer proceeds to pay for their items in the store and your store manager utilizes AccuPOS to retrieve the customer’s information and see their entire purchase history.

For one, you’ll be able to view notes and preferences of that customer to deliver a more custom, personalized experience for them.

For example, think about the difference this makes in a retailer such as a beauty salon. The stylist doesn’t have to ask, “What are we doing today?” They already know based on the customer preferences shared upon their previous visit.

This may seem like a subtle difference but it’s actually a huge one. The stylist communicating the customer’s preference to the customer before they even stated that preference themselves means there’s a strong understanding of the kind of hairstyle the customer wants before said customer walks in the door. You can’t get that just anywhere. That’s why a customer keeps coming back and remains loyal.

All of that came from your retail POS system via AccuPOS.

Customer Loyalty On Demand

Let’s stay on customer loyalty for a moment because we’ve really only scratched the surface of what AccuPOS can do here. As you ring up the customer for their latest purchase, you can see that the customer has visited over a dozen times.

Clearly, they should be given a reward for that loyalty, which you can accommodate on the spot by offering a special discount on their purchase. There’s nothing subjective about it. AccuPOS has communicated the data to show that your customer reached the number of visits for another tier of rewards, so you can in turn share the special discount they’ve earned upon checkout.

We all know the fantastic surprise and warm feeling that comes from a seller informing us that they have a special deal or are offering us an upgrade there and then at no extra charge. Wow! You never forget that surprise. You never forget that brand either. Which why you usually want to tell others all about it.

That’s not a bad scenario for a retailer, is it?

When AccuPOS calls up your customer’s information and history of purchases, you can also instantly attach a loyalty program to their account. Once enrolled, you now are enabled to segment and tier your loyalty offerings and rewards based on the customer’s amount of ongoing purchase activity. In addition, as in our beauty salon example, you can remind them of sales on a particular product they’ve purchased in the past, potentially increasing the size of order per basket.

We’ve now created an opportunity for you as a retailer to create your own membership program and special VIP community of insiders who love and value your merchandise. There’s really no higher reward than communicating and marketing to this invaluable group that could make a profound difference in your bottom line this month, this quarter and this year.

Who knew a retail POS system could do all that? Our team at AccuPOS did.

It’s time for you to discover how AccuPOS can ramp up the level of customer loyalty through personalization in your retail locations. Click here for our interactive demo or call 1-800-906-5010.

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