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Save That Sale: Why AccuPOS is a POS System Built for Retail

If there were a statistic on “saved sales,” AccuPOS would be leading the retail industry by a mile. Because it’s not just the prospect of waiting in line that causes customers to think about whether or not they really love that item and if it’s worth the wait to own (no wonder some of them abandon their purchase and leave, right?). In a large retail location, sometimes getting to the line is daunting in itself.

This is where extra mobility of your POS means everything – when you come to the customer, the prospect of being able to make the purchase right here and now makes the decision to buy the item much easier.

So, when we talk about Retail point of sale systems, what’s striking is that today, the point of sale can be, well, everywhere in your retail location. The portability of our Retail POS System technology means the point of sale is precisely where your customers and employees meet.

No Lines. No Waiting. No Lost Sales.

What happens when a customer realizes they have to wait in line to check out or even thinks about whether or not staying in a long line is worth it? Every second they ponder it is another opportunity to put their items aside and say, “I’ll come back some other time.” Whether they actually will return or they won’t, this much we know: Today, it’s a lost sale – and it doesn’t have to be.

AccuPOS answers the call by helping your customers check out right where they stand, so they can be pleasantly surprised at how you’re bringing the transaction – and a fast one – to them. The interface of AccuPOS’ touchscreen is highly intuitive and so user-friendly that your employees will instantly transform expectations of what the purchasing process now is.

What about the experience for our retail customers? It’s no small thing that now they can check out and get on with the other to-dos on their list. The feeling of convenience and care attributed to your retail brand doesn’t disappear when they leave the store. It’s remembered, appreciated and contributes to them remaining loyal to your retail brand.

AccuPOS is a powerhouse for giving your retail employees flexibility through our operating system. If they regularly use PC and Android devices, your retail teams can use AccuPOS on everything from a desktop to a tablet to a mobile phone. It’s ready to go, delivering optimized performance wherever you are.

Does Extra Mobility of a POS System Mean Extra Cost?

No. But it does mean extra value. Let’s compare the AccuPOS experience with its technology built around the customer to other retail POS systems. What jumps out at you right away is the high expense of the very particular type of POS system a vendor often wants you to buy. Not many options there.

On the other hand, AccuPOS has a full lineup of hardware that provides you with selections you can make for your budget, the amount of durability required and how you will use it. Rest assured, all of them are geared to speed up your sales process to capitalize on more opportunities to convert a customer on the fence about the purchase to one that says, “Let’s do this.”

Do You Have That Item in Stock? And Can You Answer That in a Few Seconds?

We’ve all had that moment where we find an item we love and are ready to purchase it. Except…it’s not in our size. We flag down an employee, they have to walk back to a warehouse area and we wait. And wait. And hope that they have it in stock.

Is this really the way you want your retail customer to feel? Anxious? Impatient? Bracing for disappointment?

The secret isn’t in having an item or not, actually. It’s about having answers and clarity for the customer so much faster. This is where AccuPOS’ stock management, reporting and integration with QuickBooks and Sage steps up to empower retail professionals with robust and reliable data they can count on in real-time.

Here’s how:

AccuPOS’ reporting lets retailers get reliable information on which items are sold and how many every hour. That’s invaluable, because when we can more accurately identify what’s on the sales floor and what’s leaving it, we don’t have to wait until the end of the day to take stock of what’s selling. We already know – and we can track our inventory while adding new items to sell right from a phone. So we can adjust on the floor faster to make better, smarter decisions and maximize sales opportunities.

The reporting from AccuPOS is telling us those types of items aren’t selling and haven’t been for weeks? Let’s get them over to the clearance section, then. Are those items flying out the door today? Check inventory in the palm of your hand to see if you have enough of those hot sellers for at least the next few days in major sizes.

Do you have it in stock? Even if you ultimately don’t have an item in your store, AccuPOS is locked into your inventory numbers so that at least customers can quickly know the answer and move on to other potential items for purchase. Because there’s nothing worse than a customer waiting while a retail employee has to “check the back.” During that time, your customer isn’t wandering anywhere in the store. They’re not browsing and discovering other items to buy in the meantime, either. Fortunately, a concrete answer on inventory on the spot virtually eliminates that scenario.

If having a POS system with mobility, laser-focused reporting and the versatility to be used on a range of devices is a high priority, you owe it to yourself to check out AccuPOS from a closer angle.

There’s no telling how many times it may help you save a sale.

The Total POS Package To Save The Sale And Elevate Your Retail Business Locations

Read all the reasons our customers are singing the praises of AccuPOS. Then have a look for yourself through our totally interactive demo. Or call us at 1-800-906-5010.

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