Accounting software giant, Sage, is definitively changing its product names in a push for better branding and name recognition. Alongside the release of Sage”s newest product names, AccuPOS has put together a historical overview of its accounting software. This post is dedicated to the Sage MAS 90 product (now called Sage 100 Standard ERP), which was the first accounting software of the Mast Accounting Series, introduced in mid 80s by a company called State of the Art, Inc. Initially, the software was used by Certified Public Accountants for testing purposes and then recommended to their client base. The Sage Group plc, commonly known as Sage, used the same software to launch the first version of Sage accounting software, a product for the Amstrad PCW word processor.

Sage 100 Standard ERP

As technology became more advanced and complex, new versions of Sage accounting software were launched to meet the needs of accountants and firms. The company then launched Sage MAS 90 accounting software, providing customers with a flexible platform to achieve their business goals in a minimum possible time. Sage ERP MAS 90 will undergo a rebranding in May 2012 and the software will be rebranded as Sage 100 Standard ERP.

POS for Sage 100 Standard ERP

Before we get into the details of this accounting software, check out AccuPOS” POS for Sage 100 standard ERP. AccuPOS is the only cash register software that integrates with Sage accounting programs with true Line Item Accounting Integration. It”s no wonder that we”ve been named Gold Developers for the Sage 100 ERP software.

Sage 100 Standard ERP | Features

Sage MAS 90 is designed to drive profits up and costs down as it includes a broad selection of integrated, feature-rich modules and in-depth capabilities. It operates in a file server environment (a computer on a network that provides a location for shared disk access) and uses Crystal Reports for its built-in and custom reports.

The software also offers small and medium businesses with a variety of accounting and business management solutions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, bank reconciliation, sales order management, purchase order management, inventory management, return merchandise authorization, work order processing, bar code and credit card processing. Sage MAS 90 comes with the new Business Insights Explorer which includes business intelligence tools such as Custom Office, Data Migration, Business Insights Reporters, Business Alerts, Visual Integrator and Microsoft FRx.

The wonderful feature of customer relationship management includes functionalities like marketing campaign tracking, sales force automation and customer services management. The features like payroll processing and Abra HR keep track of pay increases and calculate raises, thus making it easy for a human resource department to manage routine HR operations.

Sage 100 Standard ERP includes e-Business Manager that makes it easy for customers to log-on and securely place an order directly into the system. It also includes sophisticated, modern tools such as TimeSheet, Job Cost, Time Card, Electronic Reporting and Abra HR for time and project management.

The modular design of Sage 100 Standard ERP provides you with the flexibility to move up to a more powerful ERP system. The user-centered design offers contextual information, easy customization and enhanced data integration. Sage 100 Standard ERP primarily targets the warehouse management and wholesale distribution niche.

AccuPOS Point of Sale software is the Award Winning System endorsed by Sage that integrates well with this accounting program. In fact, AccuPOS extends the power of Sage ERP business management system to manage inventory, deposits, vendors, reports and customer lists in a more efficient way.

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