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Your New POS Retail System: How To Hit The Ground Running

  • Getting started with the POS retail system from AccuPOS

There are a number of factors that can go into your decision on which POS retail system you’ll ultimately bring into your environment. Still, there’s one that really trumps them all – how easily it is to transition right into it.

Without an easy, smooth onboarding process thanks to certain key features, you might find only one or two people in your business who understand the new retail POS system. While that may not seem like the end of the world, it creates a big problem if others need to access it. “Oh, I can’t get into this system with all its tech. I have to wait until Carol gets freed up with her customer to ask her.”

Not an ideal situation, right? The more you train as a team, the faster your business moves forward as a team and your new POS retail system from AccuPOS can be the jet fuel.

Let’s take a deeper look at the top features from AccuPOS that can help your team ease its learning curve, get comfortable with your new system and be excited about the advanced yet user-friendly innovation you’re bringing into the work environment. It’s what the very best POS retail system should consistently deliver.

#1: No Need To Train Every New Hire On The System

Another new hire should be cause for optimism, but undoubtedly, some managers are likely thinking, “Great. Another new person I’ve got to train on our system. Now I have to take time out of my day for that.”

Actually, you don’t. AccuPOS will take care of all your employee team training on an unlimited basis. That’s right. Unlimited. Whatever it takes to help your team know an AccuPOS system inside and out, that’s what we’re here for.

Implementation from a true partner isn’t putting a POS retail system down and leaving. It’s being with you for the long haul.

#2: A POS Retail System That Plays Nice With QuickBooks And Sage

Accounting software integration with a POS system. Just that sentence sounds like the most complicated thing in the world, bringing about visions of you spending all day (or many days) in vain trying to connect these two programs.

That’s what makes it such a fantastic feeling to know that your retail POS system can be compatible with just about anything in relation to QuickBooks and Sage accounting software. AccuPOS is a Gold Development Partner on both marketplaces for these industry-leading products, earning a 5-star reputation.

#3: Customer Checkout That’s Enjoyable For Everyone.

Retail shops force customers to form a line that is never a fun part of the shopping experience. Restaurants provide the check, get the customer’s credit card, then run it, then bring it back to the table.

The longer this transaction phase is, the more likely your customer will forget the joy of finding the perfect dress or the delicious meal they just ate.

It doesn’t have to be that way. And with AccuPOS, it’s not. Wireless mobility comes standard to your team with every AccuPOS handheld mobile point-of-sale device. The handheld version of our retail POS system isn’t limited either. You’re also carrying a lot of power with you, including a built-in receipt printer, loyalty features, an EMV-secure chip reader and a mag-swipe SIM card slot.

So there isn’t just one point of sale. There are many of them. And with a simple touchscreen for capturing signatures on the spot, more of your employees can see high tech isn’t highly intimidating.

#4: Setting Up The New Sales Promotion Isn’t A Hassle. It’s A Delight.

You’ve got a few different promotions you want to go live. But as you’re onboarding with a new retail POS system, you may wonder – how easy can it be to make that happen?

Very easy. AccuPOS enables you to add sales promotions by item, category or type effortlessly. When’s that big upcoming sale you have planned? Set it now in the system to be effective by your desired date.

Don’t worry about your staff needing to figure out how to add a sales promotion. It’ll be in there automatically, just as you set it. And you did it all right from your phone. How about that?

24/7 Support With No Limits: Welcome To Onboarding Free Of Speed Bumps

The moment of excitement can pass quickly when you get stumped during onboarding. And while we believe you will experience the most intuitive retail POS system on the market in AccuPOS, we know how much peace of mind it can be to talk to someone you can ask questions of. We’ve been there. That’s why we created the best customer service in the POS business: 24/7, day or night, you can pick up the phone and get a real, live human being from the AccuPOS support team who is ready to walk you through any trouble spots or questions you may encounter.

Call as much as you like. AccuPOS is here for you and everyone on your team who uses our system. For onboarding and every day after.

In fact, give us a call right now to arrange for an interactive demo: 1-800-906-5010. Or visit us for instant access here.

Welcome aboard.

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