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6 Ways AccuPOS Is A Time-Saver For Business Owners

  • Time-saving tips for business owners

Since 1996, AccuPOS has been the industry pioneer for agile features that improve the way business owners run their companies. For the past 22 years, we’ve been keeping up with more than just technological advances –we’re keeping up with how people do business.

The most impressive features of our POS systems are all of the headaches that you don’t have to suffer anymore, from lagging servers to snail-like support. Here are 6 ways that AccuPOS saves you time so that you can handle the more important parts of running a successful business:

1. We transfer accounting data for you

AccuPOS has been endorsed by both Sage and QuickBooks for years! If your business uses Sage or QuickBooks, we’re made for each other. Our AccuLINK add-on is a huge time-saver because it automatically transfers your POS transactions into your accounting software. Yes, it’s that simple!

2. We keep inventory for you

Take deliveries wirelessly, make changes to inventory counts, and handle pricing, all from one time-saving, handheld device loaded with the AccuCount inventory management software add-on. Use the “Adjust Counts” button on the Android wireless scanner to quickly perform physical counts with the barcode scanner. Counts can be saved as named sessions so you can save them and pick up right where you left off. When you have finished, AccuCount compares your numbers with the quantity on hand from accounting, allowing for instant and seamless adjustments, and allowing more time for the big picture.

3. We keep timesheets for you

You can say goodbye to chasing down your staff for timesheets with the AccuSHIFT add-on. Everyone can clock in and out from any device connected to AccuPOS – with hours sent automatically to your accounting software.

4. We crunch numbers for you

If you can measure it, you can manage it. With both standard and fully customized reports, AccuPOS excels at providing instant insights into the numbers that matter to your business. With our Web Management back-end manager, you can save time crunching numbers and spend more time using them to determine how you do business.

5. We’re there for you

We’re always receiving positive feedback for our friendly, knowledgeable, patient, and truly helpful customer support. With AccuPOS, you won’t ever have to spend your valuable time figuring things out on your own. We are there for you, 24/7.

6. We grow with you

When we say that AccuPOS is the only POS you’ll ever need, we mean it. The system smoothly scales as your business grows, even if you open new locations. It’s virtually impossible to outgrow AccuPOS, but we welcome you to try! From hand-held and mobile POS hardware options to emailing receipts to customers, we can do it all. When you’re ready to try something new as your business grows, we will be there to help your process grow, too.

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