Who is AccuPOS? Great question.

Sure, the benefits of our software are great, but people want to work with people, and people they can trust. Here’s a little about our story to help you get to know us.

Simply put? We’re a smarter Point of Sale company.

Like your customers, technology is always changing. We set out to create software you’ll keep forever.

When we began in 1996, we’d observed the frustration of business owners whose needs were not being met by POS systems. Software providers at the time were focused on industry-specific and size-specific solutions. They were rigid on the back end and inexplicably ignored basic ‘cash register’ simplicity at the Point of Sale. Making matters worse, even after a sizable investment in such systems most hardworking, responsible business owners were wasting days and weeks re-entering system data to QuickBooks or Sage accounting products, or paying a high-priced CPA once a year to do the same.
We asked ourselves, “What if there was a way to give every cashier in retail the same fast and familiar interface for serving customers – but which allowed every business owner to choose the ideal, preferred back end for them?” Our research soon led us to discovering the wonderfully diverse invoicing and reporting capabilities of worldwide QuickBooks and Sage products. We soon realized our idea had even more potential. Turning easily gathered Point of Sale data directly into paid accounting invoices would mean that a CPA’s work is essentially done. AccuPOS Point of Sale was born.

Our core values are simple

All our values interact to create AccuPOS, and they’re the reason we’re able to provide such stellar service to each and every one of our customers.


We know that our customer’s success means our own, so they come first. That’s why we’re happy to bend over backwards to fulfill their needs; because going above and beyond means they become customers for life.


We show it in our work, to our fellow employees, to ourselves, and of course, to our customers. With every decision we make, we ask the question – “How will this impact the customer’s future, and our own?”


Of our work day to day, and of our decisions. Our customers can rest easy knowing if they call us with something they need, we’ll take care of it, with best interests in mind, theirs and ours. This is a partnership, and that’s how partnerships succeed.


Just as an AccuPOS system needs software, hardware, networking, support and training – everything we do is a team effort. Individuals can be successful, but for a company to be successful, everyone has to get involved.

DelGrosso’s Amusement Park

Tipton, PA

Adding AccuPOS to our Sage 100 ERP application has been a big success. We are working with relevant, current data. We now have access to data that we could not even begin to collect and analyze before.

Doug Sleeter, The Sleeter Group

Accounting Solutions Experts
AccuPOS is awesome because it fills a niche that many QuickBooks users in the retail and hospitality industries need: overall design, outstanding features and conformance with appropriate accounting standards.

Ken Silberstein

QuickBooks Professional Advisor

Fantastic! I have been  been utilizing AccuPOS Point of Sale for several years now to accommodate Point of Sale needs that integrate quickly and easily with QuickBooks for Windows. As our needs have grown, AccuPOS has grown with us!