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Herbs of Mexico

  • Herbs of Mexico - Southern California AccuPOS client

Herbs of Mexico is a concept dating back to the 1960’s when Morris Baker opened a small retail store in East Los Angeles that offered herbs at affordable prices. The store soon became renowned throughout Southern California and in 1965 when a Costa Rican immigrant named George Cervilla bought the store. The rest is history.

With his extensive knowledge of Latin American herbs, George Cervilla built a multi-generational store that is still run by George’s son Bob Cervilla to this day. Customers can still purchase herbal remedies that have remained virtually unchanged since 1965 as well as choose from over 450 bulk herbs from around the world! Herbs of Mexico also carries over 400 other products such as creams, essential oils, and vitamins. With 2 retail locations in East Los Angeles and Fontana (and a new store coming to Huntington Park very soon) and a fantastic website, Herbs of Mexico not only demonstrates a rich history but a bright future. AccuPOS POS Software is proud to have Herbs of Mexico as a customer!

Herbs of Mexico and the AccuPOS Point of Sale System

Herbs of Mexico has taken advantage of our integrated merchant services and signed up with Sage Payment Solutions. With an extensive inventory list the integration with their Peachtree accounting software has been important to their business. In their own words:

When we installed Accupos in our flagship store, we were looking for an easy-to-use, inexpensive, easy-to-implement, and yet scalable solution that worked with Peachtree.  Accupos has exceeded our expectations – we were able to install it ourselves, train our associates (most of whom had never before used an automated POS system), and integrate it with our accounting system despite a very large number of SKUs, all for a reasonable starting price.  Since then, we have added two more locations and have had minimal problems. The technical support team is friendly and helpful and willing to think outside of the box when problems arise. Overall, we are happy with our AccuPOS investment.

They have also been fantastic with providing customer feedback helping AccuPOS continue to develop award winning software that is the industry standard in Point of Sale and accounting integration. For more information about Herbs of Mexico visit their website at www.herbsofmexico.com.

AccuPOS Point of Sale is the backend solution for a retail store

As Herbs of Mexico stated, AccuPOS is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, and scalable solution that works with accounting software like Peachtree. In a retail environment there is an ever shifting inventory and SKU list and AccuPOS is the perfect solution!

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