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10 Best Practices to Staffing Your Coffee Shop

  • How to staff your coffee shop

Opening a coffee shop is easy, but making your coffee shop successful is no simple task.  The right staff body, managed by a strong team leader is the essential component of a thriving coffee shop.  Staff creates your coffee shop culture.

1. Show strong leadership

A successful coffee shop needs the owner / manager’s consistent attention, care and focus. Not only will your staff respond better and feel more energized, but your active presence will contribute to a positive customer experience.

  • Get to know your staff. You’ll be spending a good deal of time with them so treat them as your “coffee shop family”
  • Establish clear boundaries. Never be over-familiar with your staff members.
  • Lead by example. Keep your staff feeling passionate about what they’re doing by showing your own passion.
  • Acknowledge your staff for good service.
  • Treat your staff with respect and dignity and in turn they will treat you and your coffee shop with that same respect and dignity.

2. Be Hands-On

A good owner-manager should be present and set the example for his/her staff to follow.

  • Be knowledgeable on the various coffee roasts
  • Keep involved in all elements of daily operations. Work with your staff and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Finding staff for your ‘coffee community’ doesn’t mean simply hiring a sales team to pedal your wares.

3. Define the personalities you’re looking for

  • Friendly, chatty staff members or quieter coffee-art masters?
  • Keep in mind that mornings will most likely be your busiest time.  Choose staff who are accustomed to early mornings and who shine as “morning people”.

4. Choose your staff wisely

Establish a strong core body of staff. These will be your full-time staff members. Casuals and part-timers should be able to learn from the full-time employees.

5. Invest in your staff

Remember that it’s up to you to keep your staff passionate.

  • Treat them well, pay them fairly and nurture their happiness in the workplace.
  • Provide sales incentives to your staff. Run sales competitions or reward up-selling. Find creative ways to regularly motivate your staff.
  • Subscribe to specialist publications to keep abreast of trends in the industry. Give your staff access to this information.

6. Train your staff

Provide continuous learning opportunities to enrich your staff. Coffee art can turn a cappuccino from the ordinary to the extraordinary! Train your staff in these techniques. Remember that a good coffee shop doesn’t just sell coffee – it sells the culture of coffee.

Arguably the single most important factor in the coffee game: consistent good coffee. No matter which barista actually made the cup – your customers want the cup to taste the same.

7. Establish clear guides

How do you want your coffee executed and served?

  • Is a double shot of espresso standard?
  • Do you require different roasts for different products?
  • Do you offer soy or almond milk alternatives?

8. Design counter layout to suit staff

Your staff work in an ergonomic environment. They’ll be spending hours on their feet each day so limit unnecessary movement. They shouldn’t have to reach or move too far to make every cup of coffee.

  • Keep the milk, cups, machine and coffee within easy reach of each other to ensure a seamless procedure.

9. Be mindful

Of what your shop represents to your customers:

  • Haven from their office
  • Space to work
  • Social meeting place
  • Respite from a busy day

10. Recognize regular customers

  • Knowing their order
  • Greeting them by name
  • Talking to them

Customers will feel like welcomed members of your ‘coffee community’. This creates loyalty and continued support.

Follow these simple staff guidelines to ensure that your customers receive consistently excellent coffee, care and service. This will keep them coming back every day and ensure the long-term success of your coffee shop.

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