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10 Ways to Reduce Employee Turnover

  • Successfully reducing employee turnover

You’ve got the products, the services, the location, and the vision. What’s one thing that can easily determine the success or failure of your business? Finding the right employees. Not just finding the right employee, but keeping them.

Small business often find that they are constantly hiring and losing workers, and all that turnover can really put a strain on the management and supervisors. Continuously searching for and training new employees takes a lot of time – time that can be spent doing more big-picture things to grow and support your business.

Keeping the employees who know what they’re doing and believe in your business is crucial. So here are 10 quick tips to help keep employees around, and grow your business.

1. Find the right fit

Simply put, spend more time finding the right person to hire! Clearly lay out what job you’re hiring for. Ask current employees what they’re looking for in a co-worker. Know your culture and who will fit in. Hiring the right person is a great start to keeping them there long-term.

2. Keep Your Pay and Benefits Current

An easy solution to keep employees with you is to make sure they are adequately compensated for their work. Whether that’s giving raises or offering other benefits is up to you. But offering too little is an easy way to watch employees flee for greener pastures.

3. Staff Adequately

Don’t put too much strain on your employees by over-scheduling them. Value their time, and assess how many employees are really needed to cover your business.

4. Recognize and Reward

Employees want to know when they’re doing a good job. They also want to know that what they’re doing is great and matters! Provide tangible rewards for specific goals and celebrate successes – your workers will know where they are is valuable and will want to stick around!

5. Be Flexible

Your workers have a lot more going on than what happens while on the clock. Some take classes, most have families to care for, and who knows what else is going on. Employees want to work somewhere they know will fit with their lifestyle.

6. Encourage Community

Who doesn’t want a work environment they feel comfortable in? Take a step back and look at the culture you’ve fostered around the workplace. Is it someplace you would want to work? What can you do to make sure employees feel like they fit in, and will even have fun?

7. Provide Opportunities

Pretty much everyone wants to feel like they’re improving. Give your employees a chance to learn new things, be creative, find their strengths and grow in them. Knowing there’s room to grow, including promotions, is a key ingredient to keep employees.

8. Review Your Reviews

Whether or not you have formal reviews is one thing. Whether or not they’re positive experiences is a completely different subject. Make sure your reviews are motivating, and not solely focused on negatives. Even when an employee is underperforming, they want to be built up and encouraged, not put down – That’s an easy doorway to them walking away.

9. Listen & Respect

Do you listen to ideas your workers have? The way you listen to and respect your employees will greatly impact how they treat you. Plus, knowing they’re heard reminds them that they are important to your business!

10. Communicate Vision

Knowing where the company is headed is important to keeping great employees. They want to know that this business is going places, and they’re going with it. If you have a plan, find ways to include your employees, and they’ll remain invested!

These tips are great ways to keep your employee turnover rates down, grow your current employees into better workers, and improve your business! AccuPOS is here to help you save time on the little things so you can focus on the bigger picture, like company culture. By providing a fast, reliable, and easy to use solution to your point of sale needs, you can put much more effort into keeping your employees happy, and keeping them around.

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