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Spring Cleaning Your Business in 5 Easy Steps

  • Spring cleaning for your business

It’s finally May (we’re still waiting on the flowers, though), and that means windows are open and the sun is shining. All that natural light usually makes one realize that their house really needs a spring cleaning. So, here are some ways that you can spring clean your business.

1. Unsubscribe from unnecessary accounts and newsletters

Our first tip to get your business’ spring cleaning in the works is to unsubscribe from junk mail before you delete it. Over time, our email inboxes fill with more advertisements and account notifications than important business communication. By clearing out what will fill your inbox in the future, you’re guaranteeing better work flow for yourself. This is an easy first step if you’re wanting to get organized but just can’t seem to get motivated.

2. Question processes

Our second tip for corporate spring cleaning is to have your team give feedback on the processes that aren’t working. Can responsibilities be delegated more efficiently? Sometimes others’ perspectives can bring huge amounts of insight. Does entering in time sheets take too much extra time? There are solutions to the problems we don’t know we have. The result of intentionally looking at those problems is having a “clutter free” business.

3. Consolidate inventory

Or third spring cleaning suggestion is to move all of your business’ stuff to a single location. Running a small business means one person is often wearing many hats… and so is their garage. Boxes of inventory, supplies, or even receipts can end up in random places. Take some time to give these boxes a forever home, and future you will be thankful.

4. Keep track of your time

The next thing to try in your pursuit of a business that runs clean is to notice how you spend your personal time. Are you stopping in the same room or at the same counter every day to reorganize? Think about how to permanently fix the issues you habitually correct. Will a recycling bin here and a cup for pens there prevent you from wasting your time in the same ways every day?

5. Digitize to organize

The last tip we have for spring cleaning your business is to go digital. It’s easy to get stuck in old ways of doing things. Going digital makes it is easy to protect important information and keep track of data. We are here to help you with this part of your business’ spring cleaning. We provide POS solutions that are custom to each unique business, and we are confident that we can put together a package that will work for you. From accounting integration to keeping inventory from the loading dock and updating time sheets automatically. To schedule a free demo with us, click here.

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