Point of Sale and Online Shopping Safety Guide

One of the most convenient developments in shopping has been the creation of the credit card. With the introduction of the use of plastic, shoppers now have the ability to purchase items with needing to carry large amounts of cash. This development has reduced the risk of consumers having their wallets lost or stolen and with it the money in the wallets. Also, credit cards not only allow users convenience, but also give them protection against fraud and illegal usage.

However, using debit and credit cards also means that consumers that use them need to take certain measures to ensure that the cards are used properly. Whether consumers use credit cards where they sign their name or use it as debit card where they use a personal identification number during a point of sale transaction, they need to take precautions on using the card. By following common sense rules of usage, they will reduce the risk of fraud by criminals.

Consumers need to be cautious when dealing with credit and debit cards. Suggestions such as not leaving cards unattended, not having written personal identification numbers handy and when conducting online transactions they should only do them at online sites where you know they are legitimate. And, also importantly never release personal financial information such as account numbers, social security numbers and other information.

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We hope that this information is helpful in being safe in conducting transactions both online and in person, using credit and debit cards.

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