5 Things You Need at Your POS Terminal to Increase Memorial Day Weekend Sales

mdwMemorial Day weekend is one of the biggest sales times of the year when it comes to impulse items sold in and around the POS terminal. If you are running a Memorial Day sale, you should definitely make sure all of your POS terminals are ready to add to the bottom line with attractive, compelling displays that include the most common Memorial Day items!

Memorial Day weekend sales offer your business all kinds of creative opportunities, but don't forget that most “quick purchase” items will ultimately be grabbed at the POS terminal. Families are looking for big discounts and value items so they can make the most of the Memorial Day sale season — make those items easy to find and everyone will benefit!

So, What's the Big Deal About Memorial Day?

You might not know it, but Memorial Day is actually an important economy booster this time of year: It's expected to provide a 3% boost in retail sales, but also has a positive impact on car sales, gasoline sales, tourism, meat, furniture, and a whole bunch of other sundry categories that add up to a big difference for many businesses, both major and local.

Last Memorial Day was a big winner according to IBM's Social Sentiment Index, which tracks blogs, Twitter, and other major outlets to find out what topics are hot. While 2011 was a slow year for Memorial Day, 2012 showed a 46% jump in conversation about topics like travel and spending, and this year is poised to continue the trend.

Absolute Must-Have Items for Your POS This Year

So, how can you and your POS terminals participate to the utmost this year?

Don't forget to include these items in your Memorial Day weekend sales:


Most parties are going to start during the day, even if they tend toward the late afternoon hours. It's easy to forget that, due to reflection of sunlight on clouds, you can actually absorb just as much or even more sunlight in the later hours of the day as in the early half, all without knowing it. Savvy customers will be looking for high SPF sunscreen to use all day long.

Barbecue Essentials

Although just about everyone loves to barbecue, almost no one keeps the full set of supplies ready throughout the “off season.” Depending on the layout of your point of sale area, you can go with smaller items such as barbecue sauce, meat thermometers and other accessories, or go “all the way” and make things like charcoal briquettes handy to carry outside.

Outdoor Toys and Games

Kids love the outdoors, so don't forget to include a few things they're sure to enjoy — kids are likely to get their way when they point out an impulse item. Simple things like Frisbees are very effective, as are outdoor toys appropriate for the pool, such as pool noodles and water guns. Use your imagination and you're bound to find more!

Bug Repellent

No matter what time of the day the festivities start, it's a good idea to make sure there's plenty of bug repellent on hand. Of course, just how badly the average customer needs bug repellent will depend to a large extent on the local climate and weather conditions. That said, a delicious barbecue meal is bound to attract some “unwanted guests!”

Outdoor Lighting and Furniture

There's no reason why the party has to stop just because the sun goes down. In some cases, a cool, clear night can be just right for a barbecue, but customers might not have the furniture they need to make the most of it. While most furnishings can't fit in well around the POS, there are many forms of festive, temporary lighting you can include.

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