AccuPOS Develops Restaurant POS Software with Multi-location Central Management

In honor of Pi Day, which is the somewhat geeky mathematical celebration of pi (3.14) onglobalization-hands-pic March 14th(3.14), AccuPOS is offering its own mathematical breakthrough (and a bigger slice of pie) by developing multi-location central management for its restaurant POS software. More pie for everyone!

The world is flat

As Tom Friedman noted several years ago, globalization is significantly altering the way different industries work, from education to finance to restaurant POS software. With the rapid development of the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China), it was only a matter of time before everything from Starbucks franchising to investing at Goldman Sachs became more centralized. In developing a multi-location central management feature for its latest iteration of restaurant POS software, AccuPOS will bring the same centralized approach to restaurants with multiple franchises.

Everything, everywhere, all the time

There are positives and negatives to globalization; for instance, most Americans are glad they can access their Bank of America accounts from overseas, through Barclays and BNP Paribas, among others. Opinions are split on whether or not it is a good thing that you can order the same caramel macchiato in New York as you can in Zurich. As a negative, globalization has posed a problem for U.S. politicians in that they are sometimes unaware that their portfolios include, for example, investments in countries (Iran, North Korea) against which we have imposed sanctions. Whatever the implications for the world at large, the effect on restaurant franchises is likely to be one of prosperity; the homogeneity of consumption can mean nothing but good for restaurants using POS software that includes a multi-location central management function.

More of what to expect from AccuPOS’ globalization of POS software:

• Franchised central management
• Enhanced security from virus threats.
• More control for the system administrator.
• Restaurant POS software that provides access to all reporting in real time from across the globe.
• More targeted customer tracking abilities, which will improve accuracy for better loyalty management.
• An auto-gratuity option, which will allow clients to quickly and painlessly add tips in various denominations.
• Inventory tracking that links with your accounting system.