AccuPOS Expands Technical Support Hours for POS Software Users

Daylight savings has come and gone and, in the spirit of the longer days ahead, AccuPOSimages has expanded its technical support hours for all POS software clients, regardless of the tech plan in which they choose to enroll. Starting in May, clients enrolled in the Complete, Value, and Monthly plans will have expanded access to technical support. This means even shorter queue times with more personalized assistance, and that’s good news for everyone.

Better, stronger, faster

As anyone who owns an up-and-coming restaurant or retail store can tell you, the prospect of expanding and opening additional franchises can be quite compelling (see Wal-Mart, Starbucks, etc.). Contrarily, others might warn of the potential risks (see Wal-Mart, again, and In-N-Out Burger, for different reasons). One of the reasons Wal-Mart has been so successful is that it made its products available in under-served locations for the lowest price points imaginable. Foreign bribery charges notwithstanding, the discount behemoth has hit a rough spot due to its skewed fresh produce – employee ratio. In-N-Out, on the other hand, has kept itself mainly confined to the West Coast so as not to spread itself too thin.

Slow but steady

A certain well-known tortoise could confirm that slow and steady wins the race. So could fast-paced tech companies such as Google and Facebook, the latter of which waited a considerable period of time to extend its service from just the college demographic to the world and, just today, unveiled its Home feature on Android devices. This cautious approach has also paid off for AccuPOS (and now, its clients) in that the company has built up a formidable technical support staff that is based locally and now developed enough to extend support hours for everyone. Just several years ago, no one would have thought to classify POS software for Android and Facebook Home within the same Venn diagram; now, the possibilities seem endless.

In addition to expanded tech support hours, AccuPOS is developing:

• Inventory tracking that links with various accounting programs.
• Central management for multiple locations.
• More targeted client tracking abilities.
• An auto-tipping option.
• Better defense from malware and virus threats.
• More control for the system administrator.
• Android POS software that provides access to all reporting in real time from across the world.