AccuPOS Now Processing Canadian Transactions in EMV

Just when one might have thought POS software could not become more secure, AccuPOS is now processing transactions in Canada via EMV. What is EMV? Traveling to Europe should explain this. For instance, walking into a restaurant (or the London tube) and paying with an American credit card may seem like a nightmare without EMV. The best POS software around will process EMV simply because of its security apparatus. Don’t count your chips Is it unlucky to count chips in public? Not so for the microchips embedded in the case of EMV. POS software that processes through EMV mitigates the usual suspects in credit card fraud. Cloning is not a factor with EMV-capable POS software the way it is with magnetic-striped cards. It is, so far, impossible to clone credit cards with microchips. POSitively secure One crucial facet of running a business is to ensure that customers’ information is as secure as possible. This will ultimately save companies, whether start-ups or franchises, money and time (which equals money). The most secure POS software should be complemented with an accounting program such as QuickBooks or Peachtree; these are reputable money management tools that will synchronize any business’ finances on all ends. How exactly will integrative accounting programs like QuickBooks or Peachtree help your business, in addition to POS software that processes transactions through EMV?

  • A reputable accounting program (whether QuickBooks or Peachtree) and the best POS software will work in tandem, minimizing the human errors that traditionally plague businesses while also saving time and money.
  • All information will be centralized and combined to provide the best product possible, so a company can improve as its POS software does.
  • The melding of the top POS software company and accounting programs will provide an effortless process that allows clients to utilize the screen of the QuickBooks or Peachtree POS system during customer checkout.

Ultimately, with EMV and the most up-to-date software, company proprietors will have a better idea of what inventory works and what doesn’t. One will be able to determine exactly what item is selling when the item is selling. Finally, companies will be able to track each item as it moves (or doesn’t). Nothing will be left to chance, and the inventory management aspect of a restaurant or retail store will be backed up by cold, hard facts.