AccuPOS U.K. Rolls Out New Generation POS Software

uk_2347579bSeveral months ago, AccuPOS regaled its North American customers with the latest version of its software. No one likes having to wait. Londoners regularly complain about the delays of Mad Men and Nurse Jackie. POS software is no different; luckily for AccuPOS’ United Kingdom clients, the newest generation of POS software is now available for all. This means that U.K. clients will now enjoy all that the newest generation of POS software has to offer.

A high bar in accounting integration

Never one to disappoint, the newest generation has all of the great accounting integration clients have come to expect when they keep their versions updated. London restaurants and retail stores can take every advantage of AccuPOS’ POS software, which allows for seamless integration with QuickBooks and Sage while increasing the pace of sales and maintaining inventory control.

Restaurants and retail stores, rejoice!

Now that the headache of Tax Day has come and gone without a hitch (fingers crossed), the most pertinent item on the agenda for merchants and small business proprietors should be to reduce human error in anticipation of next year. This will assist merchants in making better choices about POS software, add-ons, and merchant service providers.

Business owners in the U.K. now have access to the following POS software perks:

• Accounting simplification through integration. It’s hard to stress how crucial it is to have an accounting program that integrates well with the latest POS software.
• PCI compliance without the hassle. Merchants will avoid non-compliance fees while their customers can be assured that their credit card data is secure.
• Mobility. Current POS software enables businesses to use an Android tablet or phone as their point of sale, thereby reducing the need to run back and forth from the table (or store section) to a stationary point of sale.