All Thumbs Up: 4 Ways Cash Register Software Will Save You Time… And Cash

You might have read various articles that constantly emphasize the ways in whichelectronic cash register software can help your business to thrive. But how will it free up your resources, specifically? Here are 4 ways cash register software can have you laughing — all the way to the bank…

  1.  Checkout Is No Longer A Drag

For customers, checking out is often the worst part of the shopping experience. They’ve gathered together all the items they want to purchase, they’re ready to pay, and then they see the most horrifying image: the long line of shoppers slowly inching their way to the cash register.

  • With cash register software, customers will never have that sinking feeling in their stomachs.
  • Instead, they’ll remember the lightning speed at which they checked out. And they’ll keep coming back again and again.
  1.  Give ‘Em Something to Talk about

Business owners who have made the wise decision to purchase point of sale and cash register software couldn’t be happier…in fact, they can’t stop talking about it! Among the many success stories is DelGrosso’s Amusement Park in central Pennsylvania. Here’s what Todd Walters, IT manager for the park, had to say about their most important business purchase:

  • “AccuPOS is intuitive, and our young workers identify immediately with the touchscreens.”
  • “It is important to find a product that makes it difficult to make mistakes. AccuPOS does that and much more.”
  • “We are able to analyze the usage associated with each season pass to determine the program’s profitability.”
  • “We have expanded credit card acceptance to every register, which increases sales and promotes better customer service. Plus we are now fully PCI compliant and following best practice standards for the industry.”
  1.  You’re Supported!

Worried about being left all alone to fend for yourself in point of sale land? You can now take advantage of the AccuPOS 24 hour emergency point of sale support. Once you enroll, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited telephone support
  • Unlimited web and e-mail support from the most qualified technicians
  • After-hours emergency support 24/7
  1.  Train Employees Faster Than Ever

Do you dread training employees, especially new employees, on your business’s software? Most bosses do, which is why the AccuPOS cash register software is designed to give managers and owners a break by allowing employees to learn quickly and easily.