And the Best POS Software Award Goes To…

Award season is officially upon us and the annual Golden Globes presentation kicks off the string of major award shows this Sunday. The more prestigious (but less fun) Oscars will follow. Some notable contenders include the French film Amour;  Zero Dark Thirty, Kathryn Bigelow’s film based on the bin Laden pursuit; Lincoln (which needs no explanation, one hopes); and the umpteenth remake of Les Misérables. Honoring the venerable films (and to some extent, television shows) and the people who made them happen ensures that they will be viewed and remembered long after their releases. Award-winning POS software is no different. Businesses want to ensure that they are investing in a respected, esteemed POS software company.

Best in accounting integration

It’s common knowledge that actors need to fit the part. How well would Lincoln have fared if Zach Galifianakis played the title character? Likewise, POS software should fit well with accounting programs, and not just any accounting programs. The programs should be industry leaders that continuously release new and cutting-edge products. Just as directors are only as great as their latest films, the same could be said for POS software and accounting program updates.

Don’t forget the small screen

With the rising prominence of premium channels like HBO and Showtime, films now find themselves competing with shows like Boardwalk Empire and Homeland for audience numbers as well as cachet in the entertainment industry. POS software isn’t just for the big screen either. The latest boast of distinguished POS software is that it can be used on standard hardware in addition to tablets. Just imagine being able to walk around your restaurant with a portable tablet and doing the same things you normally could do, only faster, cheaper, and with more reliability.

Businesses should make the most of awards season by ensuring that they have the following:

  • POS software that integrates with hardware and peripherals that enhance client service and build loyalty.
  • Seamless integration with award-winning accounting programs, such as QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Simply Accounting.
  • Inventory tracking that links with your accounting system.
  • Time clock software that securely logs employees in and out while integrating with accounting timesheets.

Like award-winning films and television shows, award-winning POS software can impact your business for years to come (just look at critical darling Vertigo’s standing on the Sight & Sound Top-Fifty List). POS software should be equally longstanding – on the big and small screen.