Bowl Season Kickoff – How to Score a POS Software Touchdown

It’s that time of year again. The Rose Parade has passed us by and you may ask yourself despairingly – what’s left to look forward to? That’s right, it’s officially bowl season! And what does football mania mean for restaurants using POS software? If you guessed either a.) an even Happier Hour than usual or b.) an unveiling of a sunbathing Rex Ryan’s tattoo, you would be right. As an influx of clients invades restaurants, bars, and lounges alike, businesses across the country can make the most of football season by choosing POS software for any budget, whether small sports bar or multi-store chain.

A team above all, above all a team

Take the New York Jets’ 2012-2013 season as a cautionary tale. You do not want to see your own team (or staff) imploding because of a poor POS software decision.  Employees old and new should be able to master your POS software easily. Therefore, choosing POS software with an intuitive interface that employees can master in a matter of mere minutes should be first and foremost on a business’s to-do list.

Never let it rest, until your good is better and better best

Restaurants should not have to settle for less than stellar POS software. Your POS software should be custom-fit for your restaurant exactly, and you should have the choice between many mix-and-match options of POS software, hardware, and add-on accessories. Finding the most economical yet efficient combination of the aforementioned will ultimately increase your bottom line and improve client service overall.

Look up, get up, and never give up by using the following guidelines:

  • Endorsements are invaluable; POS software that has earned awards from accounting programs such as QuickBooks and Sage will ensure a seamless integration process.
  • Safety first; no PCI compliance concussions!  Avoid a credit card catastrophe by ensuring that you’ve abided by all PCI compliance laws. PCI compliance between your business and your merchant service provider will securely encrypt and safeguard clients’ credit card data.
  • POS software/hardware symbiosis. Whatever POS software you choose should work with the most optimal hardware on the market, whether scanner, scale, printer, or cash drawer.

Flags on the play and false starts can be avoided completely if businesses do their POS software homework. After all, success for restaurants and quarterbacks alike is dependent on turnover and clock management.