Cash Register Software Gets a $200 Dose of Holiday Cheer During the Retail Rush

If you have an email address and have made a purchase in the past decade, you know what’s coming in between the end of November and December 25th. That’s right, an endless stream of emails scaring the living daylights out of you, warning you NOT TO WAIT, because it might as well be the day of the Mayan apocalypse if you miss free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime or limited-time sales if you dare to shop a minute after midnight (is this where they got “Zero Dark Thirty”?). The result? You end up sending those Bloomingdale’s offers and all of the rest of the like straight to your spam folder. Because who really gives a deal after Black Friday and before Christmas day?  Fear not, overwhelmed shoppers, because you can find some great cash register software deals right now.

What about $200, no strings attached?

Instead of offering clandestine deals and discounted shipping, AccuPOS is offering a coupon (good until December 31st) toward your purchase of a new cash register software license at a $200 discount. Restaurants and retailers of all types will be able to ring in the New Year with brand new cash register software for a steal.

Custom-fit cash register software

Anyone can commiserate with one who dares open that gift from Aunt Bea to find an ill-fitting Christmas sweater with a reindeer on it. The same mistake should not be made with your restaurant or retail store. Thus, it is extremely important to make an informed decision about your cash register software selection.

Retailers and restaurants alike can toast the season and stuff their stockings early by putting their $200 coupons toward the following:

  • Cash register software that can be tailored to retailers from all walks of life, whether start-up or multi-store chain.
  • Award-winning software that follows PCI compliancy laws and works seamlessly with various accounting programs, whether QuickBooks or Sage 50.
  • Cash register software that integrates with gift cards as well as loyalty cards.
  • Software that provides access to real-time reporting from across the globe.
  • And finally, cash register software that has entered the 21st century and embraced the mobile movement.

There’s no reason one should accept and embrace an oversized and unbecoming sweater as a gift; why should your cash register software be any different?